Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So many times in my life, I feel as if I've made a friend just in time to see them move somewhere else or for God to call my family elsewhere.  Praise God for the Internet and free long distance on cell phones! 

Rhonda was one of those friends.  Maybe four or five months before my family last moved over three years ago, I met Rhonda at McDonald's.  She was there having lunch with her two sweet little girls, both close to my oldest daughter's age.  I was there with my girls and my friend, Amy.  Amy and I both felt we'd seen Rhonda somewhere before.  I summoned the courage to ask her where we knew her from. 

As it turned out, we'd seen Rhonda at the library, but not during the story time we attended.  Having been the only two moms at story time for several months (Lord bless the librarian who worked so hard for just our four kids), we were all too excited to invite Rhonda and her girls to join us the next week.

Over the next several weeks, our friendship quickly blossomed.  I very soon saw what a quiet and gentle spirit Rhonda possessed, a lot like Amy, and nothing like me!  Our families all had fun together, and story time grew too!  It was through Rhonda's interaction with those newcomers to story time that I was most impressed.

You know that desire for your children to hang around other kids that have good qualities, manners, and parents that love the Lord?  Please tell me I'm not the only one who was picky about this even in the preschool years.  It makes sense in the teenage years, but preschool? 

I so admired how Rhonda opened her home with great hospitality to a lady at story time with a girl that was a little wild.  I was a young mom that needed to see someone carry out the simple act of allowing her children to be a part of a play date with someone that needed to come to know Christ.  I'm thankful I was able to hear Rhonda lovingly and gently correct a young guest in her home when her mom wasn't around to do it.  She provided fun and simple snacks that made the little girl feel welcome.  It opened the door for Rhonda and her husband to form a relationship with the little girl's parents and invite them to church.

In the meantime, Rhonda's girls weren't ruined.  Playing with this "wild child" for a few hours once a week didn't mess with the training they were receiving on a daily basis.  How I needed that lesson!

Rhonda, just a few years older than me, was a great Titus 2 woman to me, and continues to be through God's great gift of cell phones!

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