Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Story of a Special Friendship

Everywhere we've ever lived, my husband has prayed for me to have a friend. The first year we were married, Elaine was someone I could have fun with after moving out of my college dorm and help me adjust to the real world. While he was in seminary, my husband's prayers were answered through friendships with many women, Jolie and Ashleigh to name a few. After leaving that safe environ, our third home provided a bit more of a challenge. My husband had to pray for me to have a special friendship for a long time.

Eventually, a story time was offered at our local library. I was so excited to take our two little girls! It was here that I met this Wednesday's Woman, Amy. Amy had two children nearly exactly the same ages as my girls. Chit-chatting, I came to realize that Amy was a pediatrician in the same office where we carried our girls, but that we had never met because we always went on the days that Amy had off. Amy worked part-time in order to be a full-time mom, something I really appreciate! As the weeks went by, we talked about some topics that revealed that we had the same convictions, we read the same books, etc. Finally, a friend at a time that I really needed one!

God blessed the few months we had together, with play dates for our children and mom only time to celebrate our birthdays. He called my husband to another church less than a year after Amy and I met, but I am so thankful for the time that God gave me with her. Amy loved her husband and her children in such different ways than me. In the areas where I am so weak, she is so strong, and when I struggle in those areas, I think of her. For example, Amy had a special knack of being able to instruct her children quietly. Rather than yelling at them when their behavior was not what it should be, Amy would whisper to her children whatever it was that they needed to hear, and they would comply. If not, she would remove them from the situation for whatever discipline was needed. So cool, so calm - everything I aspire to be.

Amy was selfless. She was all about blessing others, and she was gifted at gifting! She had a way of putting together gifts that were perfect for the recipients. It amazed me the thought that she put into gifts, even buying up 10 cent copies of used books at the library because her dad liked a particular author. It didn't necessarily cost her a lot to get the gifts, but she was just so thoughtful, and it made me feel so special to open something she gave.

I say all this in the past tense, not because she's no longer like this, but because unfortunately, distance between us makes it harder to talk very often. Even so, Amy has made an impact in my life and continues to do so. I wasn't looking for someone to be a Titus 2 woman to me at the time, just a friend for me and playmates for my girls. I think God does provide many relationships like the one that Amy and I shared. Look to see what kind of moms your children's friends have. Someone just a few years older than you but with children your own age may provide a Titus 2 woman for you!

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