Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Pendergraph Women's Ministry is a fellowship for the community of women connected to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I loved it from the first event I attended and never missed one during the time my husband was a student. There could be anywhere from sixty to over two hundred women that attended each month. It was so much fun to spend time with those women! After my first year, I was priviliged to serve on the PWM board. Our fearless leader at the time was Paula Hyche.

Paula is married to Greg, and together they have five children! Everyone on campus knew the Hyche family, and I believe most of us were in awe of what a great mom Paula was and how she seemed to keep so organized. Paula is one of the women that made me believe that a big family can be a really great blessing rather than a burden. When I first met Paula, I didn't have my first child, so this was great to see. Even now, I'm sure that I could ask her parenting questions, and she'd be glad to answer.

Paula prayed faithfully for the prayer requests that we received through the events we held once a month. She planned events so well and made sure she thought through every detail, though she was good about spreading the workload and motivating all of us to take our part. She was down-to-earth and friendly, easy to talk to should you sit at her table. I have felt better prepared to do hold women's events because of the time I had to work with this Wednesday's Woman. Thank you, Paula!

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