Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Titus 2 Little Women

Do you remember as a little girl being in awe of some bigger girl? Maybe she was a babysitter or a friend's big sister. Maybe she was an older cousin. My selection for Wednesday's Woman this week is my oldest niece. She has been on my mind because this week, my little girls helped me sing a song they first heard her sing at a family get-together a while back. I don't put my kids names on here, so I'm not putting hers either. I hope it won't be hard to follow. We'll just call her E.

E is three years older than my oldest daughter. She is a smart, beautiful little girl who has been witnessing to her friends since she was very little. I think she was not quite three when she drew a cross on a piece of paper and told her friend about its importance. Before we had children ourselves, my husband and I marveled at her spiritual sensitivity. She has since accepted Christ and been baptized, and we are proud of her. I am glad that my girls look up to her because she has always been good at sharing with them and playing nicely, and she is a well-behaved girl. Proverbs 20:11 tells us that "Even a child is known by his deeds." When my girls look to her, I can trust that they are following a good example, though I know she's a child and will make mistakes.

I also looked up to older girls when I was growing up. I became a Christian not only because of the influence of my parents, but also because of a girl just a year older than me who told me of her salvation. The night she shared with me is the night that I knew in my heart I needed to make a decision to follow Christ too.

Never doubt the weight of the influences of older children in your own little one's life. Help him or her to choose role models carefully. Pray that those little women will point them to the One who leads them to make righteous decisions.

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