Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Don't You Feel Like Crying?

Again, a song title popped to mind as I begin to write. Simon Burke's voice usually makes me think romantically of my husband, but at the moment, I am having to listen to my son cry as he hopefully settles down to sleep. To keep my sanity, I try to focus on something else for a few minutes. Of course writing about it is thinking about it, but maybe it can be of use to someone else to read these thoughts.

I thought I had a great afternoon ahead of me. I was supposed to meet with someone, but our plans changed, which was perfect for me because my nearly 11-month-old son slept a little later this morning, shifting the schedule to what actually should make for my ideal afternoon. It would look a little something like this: the three kids not yet in school down for naps at 1:30, have my quiet time with the Lord, enjoy a run on a cooler than average day (I run laps next door with a baby monitor in tow), write a blog entry, water my flowers without little helpers, greet the oldest as she comes home from school, and cheerfully answer the nappers as they wake. Instead, the four-year-old and two-year-old went to sleep as they were trained to do long ago, but baby boy thinks he got his nap out this morning. He has cried, I have rubbed Orajel on his gums, he has cried, I have done my quiet time while he has cried, I have swaddled and rocked, I have laid him down after seemingly forever rocking him, he has cried, and now here I am. Oh, wait! It is quiet! Baby boy is out! Praise God!

I think I feel a stationary bike ride coming on. Slight change in plans, no biggie. And I didn't write what I'd originally intended, but it has been nice anyway. Tomorrow will have it's own naptime.

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