Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mrs. Roxie

I talked about my camp roommate, Mrs. Roxie, yesterday.  I can't begin to explain what a great Titus 2 Woman Roxie is to me and many others!  First off, she's a great babysitter/stand-in grandmother for my children!  I feel quite comfortable leaving my children with her overnight.  That's such a precious gift to someone that lives far from family.

Mrs. Roxie has been married for forty-one years to her husband, Jimmy.  They have two grown sons and three grandchildren.  Mrs. Roxie strives to be a force in her grandchildren's lives that will lead them closer to the Lord. 

Mrs. Roxie is a breast cancer survivor and can tell you of the way God saved her life on at least two occasions in which others were praying for her.  She testifies of the good God has done in her life even in the midst of trying times.

Like me, Mrs. Roxie is a big believer in missions education!  She grew up as a Sonbeam and in Girls in Action.  I've heard her share with young girls what she learned in these programs.

I'm so thankful for this Wednesday's Woman!

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laughwithusblog said...

Oh what a blessing to be able to room with such a godly woman. We can learn so much for their experience if we will only endeavor to do so. (Oh yes people thought we were only having another child to get that boy! Now that we are expecting baby #5 people just stare!)