Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mrs. Diane

This is Mrs. Diane Faircloth, Wednesday's Woman for today.  Last week, she and her husband, Jim, visited our family and church.  Mrs. Diane was our featured speaker at our WMU's salad supper we hold every September.  It was a great time of refreshing for me to just be around another ministry wife.

Mrs. Diane is a rare jewel in ministry wives.  While I find there are wonderful ministry wives "out there", after moving to our church just over three years ago, few of them welcomed me.  All of them in our association work outside the home except me.  One ministry couple invited us out socially for an event the first Christmas we were here.  An associate pastor's wife at another church just recently invited me to lunch a few months ago.  So you can see why I was eager to soak up this time with Mrs. Diane!  In our visit, she was able to understand my concerns as only a ministry wife could.

Mrs. Diane is her husband's helper.  In their thirty-four years of marriage, she has aided him in whatever way she could.  For the most part, where he has gone, she has gone.  On overseas mission trips, he has lead teams, she has lead teams. 

Mrs. Diane talked to us about being "missions women", being prepared to do ministry at all times.  She challenged us so well as she shared her testimony about how God has equipped her and stretched her as needed to do whatever He has called her and her husband to do.  She hit the nail on the head when she told of us that there are people who's "hearts are expecting us".  It was a great evening, and I hope it got our ladies geared up and prepared to do missions this year!

I thank God for Mrs. Diane and her example to me as a Titus 2 Woman!

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Anonymous said...

Shunni, It has been a pleasure catching up on your bloq while you are at the prayer retreat. As always I love to hear your thoughts, and I wonder at the blessing of God that I can read them, hearing your voice speak the words in my mind. You are an extraordinary woman, my beloved Shunni.