Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Seeking the Approval of the Master Alone

I saw the look of disappointment on her face. What could I do?

When my family was on vacation, we were able to visit the church my husband and I were members of our first year of marriage before moving off to seminary.  My mentor teacher for my student teaching is a member there, and it was so great to get to see her in and out of the classroom, in church especially.  She was a life mentor me as well as a teaching mentor.

As a mother of four herself, she commented on my lovely children, how well behaved they were during the service (Praise God!), and how good it was to see us.  Then came the question.  "Are you teaching?"

Me:  "No ma'am.  I did my two years and I was done."

It wasn't the wisest response.  I've done much better.  Why did I just let my response fall flat and see someone who poured extra time and energy into preparing me for my career in education hear such lame words?

I had seen my mentor a time or two since I left the formal classroom.  She had agreed I was in a crazy time of life, having a baby every eighteen months, to try to teach other people's children too.  Still, it visibly concerned her that I wasn't following in her footsteps.

My calling for now is in my home, training and nurturing my own children, spending the best years of my life on the people who deserve it the most. 

I think we as women want to please others so much that we over-analyze our conversations.  We spend time trying to make sure we don't hurt extended family members or friends when we make decisions regarding our own immediate family units.  We don't want to disappoint those who reared us or taught us.  We're wasting our time thinking those thoughts.

As Christian women, our only calling is to please our heavenly Father.  What would he have us do?  Love and obey Him.  Love and obey our husbands.  Everything else should fall into place.  He will reward us even if those around us just don't understand.

Let my heart's desire only be to hear "Well done, good and faithful servant..."
(as in the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25).

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