Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cheesecake Moments

I've a confession to make...

I have a weakness for ALL things sweet. Okay, if you know me,this is nothing new. Never once in my life have I been willing to give up sweets to lose weight. I say that even the strictest diet needs one Hershey's Kiss a day to keep the dieter from insanity. That's just my opinion. Praise God for His creation of sugar!

When my husband brought home four little cups of individual cheesecakes, and he told me the story of their creation, I knew the women behind it was worthy of being Wednesday's Woman. Mrs. Brenda, a woman in our church, works hard at being a good wife, mother, and grandmother. Last week, Mrs. Brenda's granddaughter requested that she would like her to make a special treat for her and her friends at school. Instead of just giving her the cheesecakes or some other treat, Mrs. Brenda told her to come over to her house and she'd show her how to make individual cheesecakes. Titus 2 Moments! The two of them worked together to do something good, and Mrs. Brenda's granddaughter will be better equipped as a grown woman because of the training she has been given in this situation and in many others. Plus, the pastor's family was blessed with the extra cups of cheesecake and some strawberry topping. Yum! Do you see how easy it is to be a Titus 2 Woman? Look for those opportunities today!

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