Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday's Woman

Hi, y'all!
On Wednesdays, I hope to write a profile of a Titus 2 woman. For my first "Wednesday's Woman", how could I not write about my mom?

When I was very young, my mom worked outside of the home, but not long after my brother was born, and I was five years old, my mom stayed home with us for over eleven years. I appreciate the sacrifice so that I was supervised by my own family.

My mother (and my dad) ALWAYS had my brother and me in church. Literally, if the doors were open, we were there. We didn't miss a Sunday morning, Sunday evening, or Wednesday night. Even when my mom later went back to work, if she couldn't be there, it was somehow seen to for us to get there without our parents. This didn't lead me to rebel the least little bit. It has never been difficult for me, through college and the freedoms it provides, or any other time in my life, to attend church regularly. My parents instilled in me that it is simply a part of the Christian life to meet with other believers.

My mom has been married to my dad for almost thirty-seven years. She kept her word when she promised to love, honor, and cherish him as long as she lives. Again, it was just instilled in me it is part of the Christian life that you love your one husband that God gives you forever.

My mom has always had a place of service in the church. For as long as I can remember, she has taught a children's Sunday School class. When I was a GA (if you're a Southern Baptist, I hope you know about this), she was my teacher. I saw her faithfully prepare throughout the week, never falling short to have her act together in the class with the girls she taught. I LOVE missions, and I think much of it has to do with how she taught me so well in GAs. So again, to me, it is natural that if you're a believer, you must be active in service through the local church.

There are certainly sins that I struggle with continually, that I seek to crucify, but I can be thankful that my mother encouraged me through her example that it is possible to stay home with my children, to get them all to church no matter how difficult some Sunday mornings it may be, to love my husband for life, and to be of service to God. My first Wednesday's Woman is worthy of honor! "Her children rise up and call her blessed." -Proverbs 31:28a

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