Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mrs. Cookie

I have been doing an "ABC Adventure" with my children and with the kids at the story time I hold every week at our church. We didn't plan it this way, but we had vacation on V week! It was great to do some special things with our children, to see my brother's family at their home for the first time, to see our parents, and my sister-in-law's family too! It'd be against my husband's nature to not throw a little work into the time of rest too, so we wrapped up the time off by buying some furniture we'd been thinking about and painting the room it was going in - it forced me to take some time for some spring cleaning that I needed to do anyway, and now the room's beautiful thanks to my husband's mad painting skills and his willingness to spend some money on some furniture!

While we were gone, we attended Motlow Creek Baptist Church (as we often do while we're visiting family). It is my husband's home church, and I was adopted into it as well when we began dating. Most everyone there treats me as if they also knew me when I was in diapers. It is a blessing to be there when we can. This week, I chose to make Motlow's pastor's wife "Wednesday's Woman" - Cookie Rainey!

Mrs. Cookie has been nothing but an encouragement to me since I've known her. She shows me how to love my husband by praying for her husband and by being with him wherever he goes, so long as her health allows. You should hear her pray for her husband when he's in the pulpit and he needs her prayers! I believe the Holy Spirit enables Pastor Terry to preach with power because she is praying for it to happen! As the woman who loves him and knows him better than anyone else, she can pray for him better than anyone else. I admire deeply Mrs. Cookie's willingness to be her husband's helpmate wherever he travels (something he does often with revivals and mission trips). That's just got to be so good for their relationship to not spend all that time apart!

I hope to be like Mrs. Cookie - to be my husband's right arm and biggest prayer warrior, and to be with him whenever it's possible so that I can be his helpmate should he need one!

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