Monday, November 28, 2011

I've Considered a Field

"She evaluates a field and buys it; she plants a vineyard with her earnings."
-Proverbs 31:16

This may be shocking to some:  I'm soon to be employed outside the home.

It's only part-time and I will actually be working primarily from my home.  Beginning December 5, I will be a breastfeeding peer counselor for our local health department.

There's a long story about how it all came about, but it goes a little like this - 
I breastfed my four children to a year.  Each posed their own challenges and joys.  I thought, I could really enjoy being a lacatation consultant and I could work from home or set my own hours.  It costs money to take the classes I'd need, so I put it on the backburner.  I was contacted about the possibility of this job, and it sounded really nice as an extra source of income and the chance to "extend my hands to the needy" (Prov. 31:20).  This is my "considering a field" - praying, seeking God to make it clear to me if I can take this on with my husband's full blessing and support.  I wanted God to make it plain by having the folks who interviewed me call with a yes or no.  Either way would be fine by me.  They called with a yes. 

I'm excited about the chance to encourage new moms.  Aren't those first few days and weeks keeping a baby alive exhausting and sometimes overwhelming?  I'm nervous about changes to my routine with my family, but I feel certain this is where God is leading me for this season. Any other moms that work from home part-time, please feel free to lend me some advice! 


Nathan Finn said...
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Leah F said...

I don't have any advice, but what a wonderful ministry opportunity for you! I know it will be a difficult adjustment, but i will be praying that it is smooth and easy. I rejoice that the Lord led you to this wonderful, natural outlet for your wealth of experience, and I pray there will be many gospel conversations from it! Keep us updated on how it goes!

Lauren said...

Thanks, Leah! I'm eager to get started and get my schedule set (which I get to do myself!) so I'll know how it'll work with our family's routine. I need those prayers!

Mindy Dumont said...

This sounds like a great fit for you! My biggest issue combining part time work and...well, everything else is prioritizing. Sometimes I'd let work start to take over my time since other people are involved, not just me and the kids. We had an adjustment period where we all had to learn to balance everything, but I'd say it's pretty great now.