Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Preparation is Key, Part 2

This week, I've got a quickie idea to help families large and small.  Prepare your kids for outings to the mall, grocery store, and any other errands by "laying down the law" before getting them out of the car/van.

Sadly, it seems like my kids do a better job of behaving themselves in public whenever either my husband or I go it alone with them than when we all go out together.  It took me a long time to realize why, but it finally dawned on me a few weeks ago after a less than glorious excursion to buy shoes for all four of the kiddos.

I believe God made my husband and me a great team when he put us together as husband and wife and as parents, but sometimes, pride gets in our way.  I think the reason we don't tell our kids exactly what we expect of them (proactive parenting) when we're together is because we think "we've got this" just a little too much.  Sometimes, I think we need that bit of confidence, but we need to be careful that we're including God in that "We" team. 

When I'm alone with my children on an outing, I realize that it may be a little bit more difficult for me because I've only got two hands for all the little people.  It forces me to remind them that my youngest two must stay seated in the stroller (yep, I do strap the baby in) or grocery cart, and that my two older ones must hold onto the stroller or cart.  No running around.  No asking for things we don't have on the list.  I go down the whole list of P's and Q's, and... they do it.  They need the preparation and the reminder.  Doesn't God give us the same when we need it too?

Don't forget, I'll be linking up to Raising Arrows today.  Check out all the large family living ideas!


Amy @ Raising Arrows said...

Amen! We have the same issue, so I think you've hit the nail on the head! Thank you for linking up!

Leah F said...

Oh, I agree completely! I have told Nathan before that "I promise, they aren't like this every time I take them out, just when we're together"!!! Thanks for the insights.