Thursday, October 20, 2011

Birth Control

Nope.  I'm not going there myself.

I'm glad someone else is writing about this controversial topic instead of me!  A friend of mine from seminary days is a contributor for Prayer of Hannah, and while I began reading because of our friendship, I have come to enjoy reading all of the ladies' thoughts there.  One of my blog "followers" in also a contributor at POH.  This month, they are writing about birth control, and I thought I'd let my readers know in case you're interested.  I've linked to only one article there, but click on the sidebar on "birth control" to read all of them.

The only thing I'd like to share on this topic is about an experience I had with my OB-Gyn before the birth of my fourth child.  Natural family planning doesn't aid my husband and me with the spacing of our children.  I still find myself pregnant sooner than I anticipate each time we attempt to implement it.  No problem because we want a big family and believe God has greatly blessed us with each precious gift He has given us.  However, we were interested in talking to my Christian doctor about an IUD.  We had questions about it because I knew of several Christian women who used them happily.  His immediate response?  No way!  He knew of our pro-life convictions and believes IUDs work in an abortive way because ovulation still occurs, implantation of a potentially fertilized egg is how they stop pregnancy from occuring.  It's amazing how many Christian women, otherwise pro-life thinkers, use these.  Talk to your doc about your concerns.  I praise God for a Christian doctor who kept me from using one!

Hope you enjoy Prayer of Hannah!  Maybe I can get some guest posts from these ladies some time in the future! 

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Leah F said...

Thanks for linking to POH, and for the thoughts about the IUD. That is very helpful information. I had a friend at SBTS who had one and then discussed it with Dr. Cutrer, and they promptly had it taken out. Love you my friend, and appreciate the POH love:-)