Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday's Woman - To be Continued

When I began this blog, I really desired to do profiles of Titus 2 women because so many women think they can't be Titus 2 women, that they are some way not prepared, that it is too difficult a task, etc.  I wanted to show how easy it can be if we keep our eyes open for the relationships God brings us.

I never want to pressure myself to stretch to come up with a Titus 2 woman or a woman who found herself in a Titus 2 moment, so I need to hear from more of you (blogger or not) about the women in your lives while I watch for more profiles I want to write.  Since volunteers aren't throwing themselves on me, I'll be looking for victims (otherwise known as friends willing to do a favor given a little encouragement).

I'm going to give myself until November to start Wednesday's Woman up again.  If this is the main feature you're interested in, hang with me, and read on some other topics in the mean time!

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