Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sewing Moments

The last time I used a sewing machine, it wasn't pretty.  It was almost six years ago.  I was putting together a quilt top and bottom with the batting in between.  When I finished, I had the awfullest crooked line!  I proceeded to hand quilt the top.  The first square was beautiful, the second was okay, and the third was terrible.  I folded it up, put it in a box, moved it twice from apartment to house to another house, but it hasn't seen the light of day since I finished that third block.  Maybe one day...

I do desire to master the art of sewing one day.  I'm certain I can do it because when I was in sixth grade, I made an apron that still does a good job of keeping messes off of my clothes when I cook. 

Today's Wednesday's Woman is Mrs. Teresa.  She is our volunteer church secretary who does a better job than most paid staff secretaries.  We love her at our house!  Mrs. Teresa is currently teaching the art of crocheting to some of the younger ladies in our church through a new sewing circle they've created.  She is teaching the younger generation of women a domestic skill, having fellowship with them, and even reaching out to women who aren't members of our church through the time she spends with them in sewing circle.  I am so thankful we have Mrs. Teresa to serve as a role model to younger women.  She loves her husband and is a great helper to him.  She gave up her career to be home with her children, and the sacrifices she and her husband have made for her to be home has freed them both for ministry.  I am so thankful to have this example before me.  She is a great Titus 2 Woman!

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