Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I am back from my anniversary trip with my husand, and we had a great time!  We decided to go to Charleston this year.  We've only been there together for one weekend for a wedding a couple of years ago, and despite the heat, it's a beautifully, romantic place to visit.  This Carolina Native Girl enjoyed seeing some historic sites and just going downtown to shop and eat, holding hands with my husband.  What's a vacation without getting "knee deep in the water somewhere"? - so we went to Folly Beach one day.  Also, having being a Baptist my whole life, I really wanted to see First Baptist of Charleston, the first Baptist church of the South, not that I got to see much of it.  I climbed as much as I could, with a boost from my husband, to peek inside the windows, and we walked through the graveyard, reading the tombstones of the Furman family.  

All of the fun we had wouldn't have been possible without the best babysitter ever, my awesome mother-in-law, Jennie, or as my kids and nieces call her, Granna.  In the midst of all that she has going on with her job, her church, and her elderly parents, she was willing to take a day off and care for our four children by herself while Papa was at work during two of the days my husband and I were in Charleston.  She showed my oldest daughter how to do some sewing, something which makes Granna a rock star!  

In the past, Granna has taught me about flower gardening.  I needed her help the first few times I put pots together, and from there, I couldn't get enough.  I can ask her expertise about baby care concerns because not only did Granna raise my husband and his sister, but she also was a foster mother for several years. 

I am so thankful for Jennie and how she is a Titus 2 Woman to me and to my girls.  She is a worthy Wednesday's Woman!

*I'd love to post more pics of Jennie and of First Baptist, but Blogger's not cooperating.  Maybe another time!

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