Wednesday, August 10, 2011


"Pride comes before destruction, and an arrogant spirit before a fall."
-Proverbs 16:18

I must've had too much pride in my clothesline use yesterday when I wrote that post because I didn't take my clothes off the line before heading to my oldest daughter's orientation at school.   Normally, I take the clothes off by 5:00 and have them folded before bed.  Some days, I even get a load off by lunch and hang more up in the afternoon.  Yesterday was incredibly busy and I forgot about them when I began dinner earlier than normal.  Of course, we had a major downpour in that one little hour I was away from home.  Praise God for the much needed rain, and today, I am embracing my discipline and being humbled.  I took the towels and sheets off the line last night to (gasp!) dry in the dryer, but I left the clothes on the line to dry today, and it will take all day because they were fully drenched.  Oh, well...

For Wednesday's Woman today, I would like to feature my friend Amanda.  She wrote a guest post a few weeks ago about her grandmother, but Amanda is a Titus 2 woman as well.  Amanda and her husband, Ben, work with our youth at church.  On Sundays and Wednesdays and through many youth activities, Amanda is able to teach younger women.  I'd like to focus on some simple time she gave to the girls this summer in hopes that it may encourage other women to do the same.

Every Thursday this summer, the girls met at Amanda's home for Thirsty Thursdays.  Amanda had the girls help prepare a lunch together and clean up afterwards.  I could've used some of that so there would've been more variety in my first year of marriage.  My poor husband had so much chili beans, spaghetti, and grilled chicken salad that he's still sick of those meals years later even though I've added to my repertoire quite a bit.  If I'd only had a young woman like Amanda teach me some more meals, I would've been better equipped!

Thirsty Thursdays also facilitated more women to be Titus 2 women.  Amanda had a guest speaker each week to share with the teenage girls about various topics.  Last Wednesday, I got a sweet thank you note from the girls with a bag of hard candies in appreciation for the week I spoke.  I think that I am like many other women in that I am all too willing to share from my life experiences but don't always see windows of opportunity to do so.  Amanda provided that opportunity.

I hope that by sharing about Amanda, you might see how simple it can be to be a Titus 2 woman.  This is a concept that could work not only in the summer, but also through the school year by doing a lunch one Saturday a month.  Look and see when you can train the next generation of godly women!

*If you'd like to share about a Titus 2 Woman in your life by writing a Wednesday's Woman guest post, please contact me here.

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