Monday, July 11, 2011

You can do Cloth Diapers!

I can't ever help but comment whenever someone posts a question on Facebook about cloth diapers. Friends having babies very frequently ask me about cloth diapers. I've been using cloth diapers for six years now on four babyies' bottoms. How have I not shared about this already?

Keeper of the Home is sharing today how cloth diapering is easier than it seems. I personally think it is actually even more cost effective than the author shares and possibly even easier.
Here's my testimonial:

Over six years ago, my husband was in seminary in Louisville and I was pregnant with our first child. We had a neighbor who was a little eccentric. She was and is a wonderful woman, but when she shared with me how she cloth diapered, I dismissed it quickly. I totally did not see myself going there! I mean, who did that anymore? My mom had cloth diapered my brother some, but that involved pins and a lot more yucky work than I wanted to tackle.

A few weeks later, another woman whose husband was also in seminary, shared with me the many benefits to cloth diapering. Most everyone's poor while in seminary, so we were all about dishing on the best ways to save money. This by far was my main motivation, but other great benefits to cloth diapering are that babies have diaper rash much less than they do with disposables (mine only ever did if teething or if they ate pineapple), and they often potty train faster than if they wear disposables (my girls potty trained very quickly). As I say, saving money became my greatest motivation after I saw how easily it can now be done.

There are a myriad of types of cloth diapers available and at varying prices. I use Chinese prefold diapers with Bummis Super Whisper Wraps. They are the most economical, and the velcro holds up very well. Some people choose to use snaps because the velcro will wear out, but I only had to replace some covers with my fourth child. I don't know where I originally ordered them from, maybe Green Mountain. I just googled Chinese prefold diapers and began comparing prices. You can find package deals very often. I started with six small covers and thirty-six small diapers. The second size I ordered was for 15 lb. and up, which lasts until potty training, and I only got six covers and twenty-four diapers because they don't need as many once they're older.

If you strictly breastfeed, you can put the entire diaper into the wash. Once one of our babies begins solids, then it is time to use a rubber spatula (specifically next to the potty for this purpose) to scrape the contents into the potty.

I can't say that I was jumping and up and down eager to use the diapers as soon as my first child was born, but I started them at three weeks post-partum. I was them twice a week, and it isn't a major interruption to my week or a hassle to do. Once I got into the groove of using them, it wasn't difficult at all, and I'm so happy to know all the money I'm saving.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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