Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How Can I Keep from Singing?

Music has always been a very important part of my life though I don't read very much of it. Many of the best memories of my childhood revolve around music. My dad briefly went to broadcasting school and was a radio DJ. He had a crazy number of records and I listened to music all the time growing up. I sang in the choir from an early age, requested a mixing board (and received it) for Christmas one year, and always, always sing with the radio. The summer missionaries I worked with one year said of me (and I'm not sure that it was a compliment or if it was a complaint) that no matter which radio station they turned the van radio to, I knew the words.

My dad had a major part in my interest in music, but a certain Titus 2 woman, Jeannie, did too. Jeannie served as the music director at the church my family attended until I was about eleven years old. She did an incredible job preparing the childrens and adult choirs to lead in worship and when she sang, she led your heart to worship as well. I can still hear her in my mind singing "Fill My Cup, Lord" and the words of encouragement that she gave me at choir practice. When I was about six, she encouraged me to find a song to sing, so I chose "Jesus Loves Me" and practiced at home with my parents. The age is significant to me because she didn't push me to sing when I was extremely young because it would be cute, but I think she knew my heart was near to the Kingdom. I was beginning to undersand what worship really was, and it is the standard by which I now set for my children. When my oldest daughter was younger, some people really thought it'd be great for her and few other small kids to sing during worship, but my heart just didn't feel like it was the right time. I didn't want her to begin to seek the applause of man at a young age, but I wanted her to learn to worship. I think it may have to with Jeannie's training in my young life.

So back to more of Jeannie. She found ways to be one-on-one with me. Any time I had a solo to sing with the choir, she practiced alone with me. I know I really needed the help, and that she gave it to others as well. That individual attention is where so much of the heart training for worship was really taught. She prayed with me and helped me give my best efforts for the Lord. I am happy to reflect on her work in my life for this Wednesday's Woman.

Again, if you know a Titus 2 Woman, let me know about her!

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