Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Almost nine years ago, I married into a wonderful family. Lots of people can say that, but not so many can mean it as deeply as I do. The blood kin in the family are great, incredibly welcoming people. There are some others who married into the family that are pretty awesome too. One example is Wednesday's Woman Nicole.

Nicole is married to one of my husband's first cousins, Todd. Always so sweet and encouraging, she welcomed me into the family by letting me know of her prayers for me on the night before my wedding. How I needed them! So excited for the big day, I couldn't sleep. I know I was still awake at 4 am, but God saw fit to give me plenty of energy and eyes without terribly dark circles under them. Thank you, cousin Nicole!

Both of our husbands are pastors in the same state, so every year we have the opportunity to go to a pastors' wives' retreat together. Ok, not every year. Every other year, I've had a baby to nurse. On those years I do get to attend, Nicole and I have a ball together as roomies, staying up till waaaaay past bedtime talking. I glean so much wisdom from her (and she's only a Titus 2 woman to me by a few years), with her experience as a ministry wife and homeschooling mom to three. I can't wait until January!

Other than the retreat, we only see one another twice a year, Thanksgiving and our annual reunion each April. In between face-to-face conversations, we keep up through e-mail and occasional phone calls. We usually remind each other of whatever specific prayers we have been praying for the other and get updates on how God is moving.

Nicole is important to me as family, friend, and fellow ministry wife. I must say that since my husband graduated from seminary, I have met few pastors' wives in my own community. I am the only one that I'm aware of in our association that is a stay-at-home mom. Were I not blessed with great friends in our church family and with the friendships I've maintained long-distance, it would be a very lonely position. This motivates me to make sure that as I grow older and more experienced, I need to watch for the younger ministry couples that come into our area, and look for the Titus 2 Moments that present themselves.

I love you, Cousin Nicole, and I can't wait to see you at the reunion!

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