Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Vocabulary Lesson

Oviparous. Ever heard of it? I had forgotten what it meant too until I came across it on the Totally Tots blog, which I use a lot for my story time activities at church and for teaching my own children during our "homeschool preschool" time. I also pick up books from the library based on recommendations from Silly Eagle books. You can click on the buttons below to go there. I just had to show off the new skills I've finally been learning. I can now add buttons pretty easily! Woo-hoo!
totally totsSilly Eagle Books
Anyway, oviparous is producing babies by means of eggs rather than live birth. My girls and I have been having a great time learning about these animals. From Totally Tots, I got the idea to get the book Chickens aren't the Only Ones, we studied scripture and learned about we don't have to worry about anything because God provides for even the birds, and we watched a few videos on YouTube of animals hatching from eggs. It was lots of fun! Yesterday, I let the girls paint pictures of any oviparous animal of their choosing. My almost-three-year-old remembered completely on her own that an ostrich is oviparous. I thought she'd remember chicken, but she chose ostrich! That was a big deal to me. She's been paying attention.

As were talking about oviparous animals last week, I looked at Silly Eagle Books and read a post recommending An Egg is Quiet. We picked it up from the library last week, and we read it this morning. Perfect for all we've been learning!

What does this have to do with Titus 2 you might ask? Well, this morning I got a little aggrivated as I heard the teasers on the Today Show about finding ways to not go crazy this summer with your kids. It's not an unfamiliar thought. It makes me sad though. Instead, we should be praising God for the opportunity to have more time with our school-aged kids to talk with them as we walk along the way, lie down, and rise up (at hopefully a later time than normal!) and be their teachers. God made us as parents our children's teachers before anyone else, and I want to encourage you to be about the business of loving your children in this way. Take the freedom the summertime affords you, and use it to teach your kids some fun things about the world God created!

*Wednesday's Woman will be back next week! I've got several women I'd love to share about, but I'd still love to hear from someone else who'd be willing to share about a Titus 2 woman in her life!


silly eagle books said...

Hi Lauren! How great that you have a blog now! Thanks for your kind comment and for sharing my blog with your readers. :) I'm your newest follower.

Glad you found the Egg book--aren't the illustrations just beautiful?


welcome to our wonderland said...

great blog and cute post I found you through silly eagle books facebook page :)

Lauren said...

Thanks for stopping by, y'all! It's always great to know someone new has read a little something of mine! As I do every week, I'll be reading more of silly eagle books, and I'll be checking out welcome to our wonderland too!