Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Greater is He that is in Me than He that is in the Woods

I'm baaaaaaack!

I'm sure you were holding your breath, wondering when I'd write again. Just kidding. Life is SO not about me.

This afternoon, I will be packing an overnight bag for my daughter and myself as we prepare to go to camp in a few days. This will be her first time at a GA camp, and my third time as a camper. The summer I graduated from high school, I worked on camp staff at Camp LaVida, South Carolina's GA/Acteen camp. It was awesome! I'm also a little tenderhearted toward camp because I met my husband at a youth church camp when we were seventeen, and my brother also met his wife at church camp.

The thing I love about GA camp is that the goal is to teach kids about missions. Lots of missionaries can trace back their first feelings and thoughts about becoming a missionary to camp days. My daughter just recently entrusted her life to Christ and was baptized, so I am happy to help her in early days of walking with the Lord by taking her to camp. She doesn't have to be a career missionary, but I do want her to be faithful to live a Great Commission lifestyle.

From my experience, camp staffers make great Titus 2 women for little girls. I'm not talking about me, but about the women who were a great encouragement to me as a camper. Some campers write letters to their cabin leaders for a long time because they admire them so much. It is wonderful for little girls to see young adult women with passion for the Lord and the desire to see the nations come to know Him. Church camp staffers, past and present, you are this week's Wednesday's Women!

*By the way, my title comes from when I was a camp staffer. We got to be up after the kids were in bed, though there were always staffers working cabin duty, so no kids were left alone. It was sometimes a little creepy to walk in the woods, and I remember a few of us jokingly changing the words of a hymn, "Greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world" to "woods."

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