Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Nice to be Missed!

Hey, y'all!  It's been a long time, five or six weeks at least. 

Where have I been?  Through the month of December, everyone had Christmas events and special family time.  I also had a new little job to adjust to and be trained in, and more than anything, I do most of that work during my children's naptime, so my regular blogging time has been filled with other activities.  I have missed writing, and I have missed sharing with my regular readers the things God has laid on my heart to share with younger women and newer believers in particular.  It feels good to have these few minutes now to have a little "visit".

My husband is going to be gone this evening, and I'll be turning in my timesheet for work this afternoon, so I believe I'll be free to write this evening.  I want to give you a heads up on the topics in case you want to make sure to read my new posts or if you want to avoid them altogether.  They can be sensitive subjects, and I don't want to offend anyone.  I do believe, however, that they only way women can be encouraged in these areas is to bring them up.  If you think it may hurt our fellowship, skip over the next few posts. 

Because I'm now a breastfeeding peer counselor, breastfeeding is obviously on my mind a lot.  I'd like to share my experiences with my four children (not a piece of cake, but a joy).  That'll be at least one post.

I'd also like to share my oldest daughter's birth story.  Really, I'd like to share each of my children's stories, but probably not over the course of this weekend.  Some people really get into that sort of thing because life coming into the world is nothing short of a miracle, and each story is unique, but for others, it's just too much information.

I'll say now, and someone may not remember, but I don't think breastfeeding and natural childbirth are what makes good mothers.  A mother's heart for her child to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is what makes a good mother.  Still, if you're curious about breastfeeding and natural childbirth from a real, regular mother's perspective, you should find some of that here in the next few days.

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